Monday, July 30, 2007

Would you like my answers in another meme?

I, Splotchy has tagged me with the five question meme. I am beginning to see that the questions the tagger asks speak more about them than the answers the taggee gives. Here are my answers Splotchy, untainted and from the heart:

1. Choose one superpower: super strength, super speed, or invisibility. Explain your choice.

Strength, physical, mental, emotional, is always best when you've earned it. Super speed would be very nice because maybe for once I'd be caught up w/my housecleaning. I would choose invisibility. For one, it would have been my choice amongst the Deathly Hallows, and two, I'd use it to eavesdrop on the current batch of Death Eaters in Washington.

2. What's the weirdest music in your collection?

Alphabetically, the Gregorian Chant is next to Hannah Montana. (If I actually alphabetized. Which I don't)

3. Name a place where you never have lived, but have always thought would be a
good place to settle down. Manhattan for retirement.

4. Have you ever seen, or been in the presence of, a ghost? No. Not even with the occasional Ouija sessions and that slumber party classic 'stiff as a board, light as a feather'.

5. What should be a crime that currently isn't? What's currently a crime that shouldn't be?

I think that lying under oath to Congress should be a crime punishable by a 'Contempt of Congress' citation and the guilty party should be taken to the basement of the Alamo Capitol and held there until he can tell the truth. Oh, and get fined like, $1000. What? We have that law? Oh. Nevermind. I think passing someone on a two lane on-ramp right before you merge should be a crime.

All current draconian marijuana laws need to be dropped. Marijuana should be treated like liquor. Hemp should be treated like an agricultural commodity. I'm not a pot smoker, but that's just a personal preference, like how I don't drink Jack Daniels. Those dope laws are out of hand!


Splotchy said...

Thanks for answering! I think I would lean towards invisibility as well, though it makes me think of as myself as a sneaky bastard.

For some reason, I like the phrase "Manhattan for Retirement" -- sounds like a new wave album to me. If you could afford to live comfortably there, Manhattan would be pretty darned cool.

Thus far, everyone answering my question about "crimes that shouldn't" be said marijuana. I wonder if those laws will be gotten rid of in our lifetime?

J.D. said...

I've never heard Hannah Montana and the Gregorian monks said in the same sentence, so thank you Jess. I can die happy knowing I've heard everything.