Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What does he think they should be doing in the Senate?

"No battle will have been won or lost, no enemy will have been captured or killed, no ground will have been taken or surrendered, no soldier will have survived or been wounded, died or come home because we spent an entire night delivering our poll-tested message points, spinning our sound bites, arguing with each other and substituting our amateur theatrics for statesmanship."

-John McCain.

"Amateur theatrics" aside, how does Sen. McCain believe we accomplish our goals in these United States? Like this:

Remember these words when our troops are still stuck in this qWagmire: "no soldier will have survived or been wounded, died or come home" because every soldier's death after April 1, 2008 will have been a result of your inability to do anything about this war.


Johnny Yen said...

Inability? I think the word, in his case, is "refusal."

My son and I were talking this afternoon about McCain. What a pitiful guy. His campaign is melting down. He's positioned himself as a maverick, but like Colin Powell, he missed his chance to do the right thing and come out unabashedly against this war.

Jess Wundrun said...

Johnny, in all of your writing your son sounds like such a bright, warm, and thoughtful boy.

In fifteen years I've got a girl I'd like him to meet....

Johnny Yen said...

He is, thank you!

You better hurry-- Tenacious-S is already trying to play matchmaker with her daughter!