Monday, July 30, 2007

What's your favorite opening line of a novel?

Call me Ishmael may be the easiest to remember, but my favorite opening line of all time is

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendia was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.

What's your favorite?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"Granted: I am an inmate of a mental hospital; my keeper is watching me...." The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass.

Sorghum Crow said...

"It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me."

From Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess

Great question, by the way.

Jess Wundrun said...

Catamite is such a great word. I don't use it so much anymore since Tony Blair stepped down.

Tengrain said...

"Indian summer is like a woman: ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle."

Peyton Place, by Grace Metalious

I've never read beyond that first sentence, how could it ever get any better?