Friday, July 20, 2007

Wanna play Senatorial Sleaze Pool?

I would like to start a little game. It's a bit like Dead Pool, where you select a group of celebrities you think are going to die within the year. Points are assessed by how unlikely your pick is. In the past year, I think Anna Nicole Smith would get you decent points, but Gerald Ford was pretty obvious.

The inspiration for my game is the clip at Political Wire . Larry Flynt says that he will spill the beans on another senatorial customer of prostitutional delights and decadences. Flynt gives us a little teaser. He says "I was shocked, especially at one senator but..."

Hmmm. Ready to play? Who could the senator be that would shock,shock Larry Flynt?

Please leave your guesses in comments. I will do my best to unfairly handicap your choices with an unjustifiable points system. To help toward that end here are some thoughts:

Wayne Allard - given his anti-immigration bent, a Mexican prostitute might be shocking. 10 pts

Barbara Boxer - very shocking indeed! 50 pts

Sam Brownback - not shocking, practically expected. 2 pts

Robert Byrd - my first choice. I actually hope he is on the list. 50 pts.

Saxby Chambliss - see Brownback above. 2 pts.

Russell Feingold - this would hurt. I would not be shocked, I would be mortified. 10100 pts.

Lindsey Graham - If the prostitute is anyone other than Jeff Gannon/Guckert. 10 pts

Joe Lieberman - shocking because I don't think he could pay someone to fuck him. 100 pts.

Trent Lott - not shocking, expected. Not even a black prostitute would shock given Lott's admiration for Strom Thurmond. 7.5 pts.

David Vitter - 0 points. Are you paying attention?

John McCain - only mildly shocking. Since there is nowhere to go but up for his campaign, it could actually provide some bounce. 25 pts.

Who it is not: Senator John Barrasso R-Wyoming. He's only been a senator since June 25, 2007. 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 oogle google points.

UPDATE: Look! I put the new poll feature up so you can vote there, too.


Zoey & Me said...

Ted Kennedy - 50 pts.

Tengrain said...

I'm going with Orrin Hatch - I don't care how many points. He's the one.



FranIAm said...

Tengrain- you pose a most provocative thought there with Orin!

That said, my money is on my own Chuck Schumer. It seems so unlikely that I am going with it. 100 points!

Jess Wundrun said...

Hey, who said you guys get to handicap your guesses?

Ted Kennedy: he is single and has a rep as a bit of a womanizer. He's a Kennedy after all. There wouldn't be as much hypocrisy involved as with some of the bible thumpers across the aisle. But, since you can't mention all the great things Kennedy does without some rightwinger bringing up Chappaquiddick, I'll admit getting caught in a hooker ring would be bad for our side.

Kennedy drops to 25 points.

Orrin Hatch: Most excellent choice! Particularly because this family values senator offered the following defense of Vitter: "I've never judged a human being on those type of issues." (Though he was in the forefront in accusing Bill Clinton. This statement has the strong stench of foreshadowing about it, duzn't it?

Hatch: 75 points

Chuck Schumer: Again, this would be sad but would lack the hypocrisy of a Family Values caucuser. Hmmm. I'll put him in the John McCain territory.

Schumer 25 pts.

mark h said...

I'm saying it's Holy Joe and I'm saying it's a shiska!

Johnny Yen said...

Didn't Kennedy remarry?

I was going to do a pool for "When will Bush claim executive privelige," but forgot to do it. He finally did it a couple of weeks ago.

I'm in a Dead Pool. I scored with Charles Lane a couple of weeks ago. Fellow bloggers The Elk, Deadspot and Bubs are in it.

Jess Wundrun said...

good lord, of course he Kennedy got remarried and like ages ago.

Man, what a blunder. Back to 50 points and a spanking for me!!!!

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmm... Doc Hastings R WA... used to chair the house ethics committee.

Fred Thompson...

Jim Bunning... Thune, the moralist from the Dakotas...

basically any Southern/bible thumper, Clinton criticizer, pro-lifer, Bush clone... But that's not too shocking.

Ahhhh... Al Gore.

Obama... So he could smoke after sex.

Hillary... A woman scorned.

Yoga Korunta said...


And Jess, my hands are soft!

BAC said...

A co-worker and I were hoping it would be Lieberman, but we also had the same reaction as you. Who could DO such a thing with with Joe Loserman ... YIKES!

I'm hoping it's Tom Coburn if for no other reason than we'd get to see him cry again.

James Inhofe, Ted Stevens or Mitch McConnell would be fun, too!


Jess Wundrun said...

Ted Stevens! Kind of like Robert Byrd, I would hope he'd be gettin sump'n sump'n.

MUD said...

Senator Brownback? He is such a lightweight that he should hardly make your poll. The sad part is he has set such a high standard for himself that any little thing would be a shock. kind of like static. You might notice but you wouldn't really care. MUD