Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Incessant Investigation" ?

Big, big, biggidy brass balls are in order for Rep. Chris Cannon (real, not porn, name) R-Utah.

Utah Rep. Chris Cannon, the senior Republican on the administrative law subcommittee, challenged Democrats to submit any evidence they have to justify their "incessant investigation" that has stretched all year. He warned that without evidence of wrongdoing, any court showdown with the White House would fail.

This is in response to Democrats' demand for Harriet Miers testimony in the attorney purge scandal.

Does Mister Cannon recall that $70 million dollar incessant investigation that was carried on in the 1990's? Yes. I believe he does.


Johnny Yen said...

Come on-- $70 million to investigate a blowjob is perfectly reasonable. Investigating the firing of prosecutors for refusing to be partisan hacks is not reasonable.

Um, I believe that evidence, which is being stonewalled by the administration is exactly what they are asking for, Mr. Cannon.

DCup said...

Cannon is on a roll - no pun intended.

Or he has a sublime sense of irony.

Last weekend he called a U.S. Attorney an idiot on Fox News Sunday.

Today he whined that a Democrat was using unparliamentary language in a subcommittee.

The Democrat's infraction? He said the president was sticking his finger in the eye of Congress.

I thought C-SPAN might have to go to tape delay to protect the children from such rough language.

Dr. Zaius said...

Henry Waxman will show 'em a thing or two about advanced political theory.