Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why are the GOP such whiny little snot-nosed brats?

When was the last time you heard the hue and cry for term limits? 15 years ago that was the hot political topic. But then, through the normal political process Republicans gained control of congress and those rallying cries were silent. You also don't hear as much bitching about gerrymandering these days as you did in the 70's and 80's. Same reason. You knew these bastards on the playground, they haven't changed. If the game's not going their way they have to change the rules and act indignant the whole time - it's not that America is beginning to hate the GOP and is voting that way. No. It's just that the rules, they're not *sob* fair! I could go on about the filibuster dust up, but I've got lots to do today.

Here's the latest GOP ploy to retain control of the White House even though Americans are sick to fucking death of them:

Award California's electoral votes by congressional district to each presidential candidate. Currently, like every other state, California awards all of its electoral votes to a single candidate. It has 10% of all electoral votes at 55. The split is assumed to be somewhere between 33/22 and 36/19. The result is to move those 19 or 22 votes out of the democratic candidates tally over to the republicans, which would win the country for the republican.

Or so goes the thinking.

Here is the USA red/blue state map for 2004:
Does look like half of California would be the cherry on the GOP's cupcake doesn't it?

Let's look at the red/blue divide by county in California. This is where we get a better idea of the logic of the GOP:

Ooh. That does look good for you, GOP. Those blue counties are only in the affluent coastal areas. Limousine liberals. But let's look at another map. This is again of the 2004 race but it includes shades of purple to indicate how solidly each county fits into its respective category:

This map represents sentiments from three years ago. The blue counties remain blue but the red counties become quite purple. Even Orange County doesn't glow bright red like parts of Utah and Nevada. Feelings have changed.

California is a big prize, dems could counter with similar proposals in North Carolina (15 votes) Ohio (20 votes) and Louisiana (15 votes). These are states with winner take all that went red in '04 but which would evenly counter California's 19 or 22 net bleed. They also all have democratic governors. A similiar proposal might be harder in Texas with a republican governor and legislature, but with very solid blue counties and 34 electoral votes, I wouldn't bet the farm on it either. Texas has a legacy of producing some very strong democrats. While it will go in the red column in '08, would you want to be so sure of it in '12? I dare you to open that box, Pandora.

Meanwhile, back in California, dems are proposing doing away with electoral college votes and granting votes based on the popular vote.


Dr. Zaius said...

Another point is that if you go inland from the coast of California, you will find a vast desert that is only inhabited by the occasional gas station. The counties in question have populations in the triple digits. Any map that shows the inland part of California as voting Republican must be talking about the half dozen kinds of rattlesnakes and the occasional tortoise that is the fauna of the region.

Distributorcap said...

i hate the electoral college -- the electoral college gave us the worst nightmare in our history -- but i hated it before

an anachronism from the 1700s --- but i even hate what california is doing too --- they should ALL change or none... have this ridiculous electoral college difference by state is so-George Bush

btw -- Maine and Nebraska have proportional electoral college voting

scott said...

Great post, Jess. I agree that the electoral college is archaic. But if one state only changes, it messes up the whole system. Only if all states change would this be a good idea.

pygalgia said...

Ack, blogger is messing with my "user name". But "Scott" is really "pygalgia". Or visa-versa.

commander other said...

excellent insights, Jess. politics is stupid. this electoral college thing is being made stupider than it already stupidly was. and that's just stupid.