Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dr. Monkey, why didn't you just call?

From WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin:

"Missing Monkey Captured in Madison

Wednesday afternoon, a Madison resident, city animal control officials and Madison police captured a capuchin monkey on the loose in downtown Madison since early Wednesday morning.

Police say the monkey bit a 20 year old bystander outside State Street Brats overnight.

Authorities spent the day searching the State Street area for the monkey, who was wearing a diaper.

Broom Street hardware store employee Jason Shaw tells 27 News he helped corner the monkey and keep it calm so it could be captured.

Madison Animal Control officials said the monkey, named SuriDr. von Monkerstein (that's shteeeen), will be quarantined and a decision on its future will be made in about ten days. Authorities said the monkey was also quarantined recently after a previous biting incident.

The monkey's owner told 27 News Suri serves as a service animal for her. Monkeys have been known to be used as service animals to provide companionship, and in some cases, perform tasks for people with severe disabilities. But Madison prohibits some exotic animals as pets, such as monkeys and alligators."

Maybe Dr. von Monkerstein was in town to personally hand me my Thinking Blogger Award. I noticed that he gave me this a few days ago. Since then I have been savoring it like a candy store butterscotch. Holding it on the roof of my mouth and sucking on it every now and then just to savor it. (How's that for search optimized copy?)

All I can say is that I am really touched to have been given this award. I'd like to thank my mother, but I can't because this little blog is a secret. So I'll just thank the good Dr.

I am supposed to tag five other bloggers who make me think. Without fail, everyday Johnny Yen makes me think. So I tag you, Johnny.

I am tagging the geographically closest blogger to me, Suzy who not only makes me think on her blog but who will hopefully meet up with me for book swappin'.

And I tag Fran. She is not just a thinking blogger, but a thoughtful blogger. She has amazing powers of both blogging and telepathic drunkeness. Amazing.

Tengrain. Regards. Tengrain's blog is like potato chips on the web. With dip. Fortunately he is prolific so you never have to jones for more.

And Pygalgia. He says he's a hippie gone mean but I doubt it. He posted his picture. If that's a mean guy I'm a neo-con. Always insightful.

I am sure everyone of these bloggers has already received this award. If so, please just accept my thanks for all the thinkable thinky thoughts you plant in my craw every day.


Dr. Zaius said...

Excellent investigative reporting, Jess! Dr. Monkerstein's ten day quarantine will give the public some respite from this menace. I am afraid that his previous biting incidents are merely a drop in the bucket!

Splotchy said...

It's good that you posted about your Thinking Blogger award. I was preparing to give you one (seriously, like it was gonna happen today or tomorrow) -- I hadn't remembered dr mvm giving you one way back when.

It's a good thing I didn't. If there's one thing my momma tol' me, it was never follow horses or monkeys.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I was actually on my way to meet, and by meet I mean stalk, Whiskeymarie when I stopped for a bite. Oh well. It could be worse, I could be spending ten days in Arkansas.

Suzy said...

What is it with diapers? Astronauts? Republicans? And now THIS? I need a bumper sticker: DIAPERS ARE FOR BABIES.

Hey, thanks for tagging me. I've never gotten a thinking blogger award before. When does my check arrive? When do I get to appear on Ed Sullivan? I'm touched.

pygalgia said...

Wow, thanks for the tag. Always wanted one, but I'm not sure I deserve it. Heck, I post "Friday Boobies" which isn't exactly intellectual. As for the "mean" it's a quote from Pynchon's "Vineland". I'm only mean to bullies.

FranIAm said...

A diaper? Wow. Who knew.

Monkey - get back on those meds and make sure your cell phone is with you at all times.

Tengrain said...

Potato chips?

The dip part I can understand. In fact my sisters (Six Grain and 8 Grain) often call me that.

Thanks for the nice words - I'm flattered. But as a memeber of the anti-meme league, I must decline. Besides my list would be too long, and I could not choose just 5.



Jess Wundrun said...

Dr Zaius thanks for the great pic. It was too funny to linger in comments. I fear you may use this quarantine to score some campaign points. Play nice, simians!

Dr. Monkey I spent six days in County lock up once. I don't know what's in the food but let's just say my bowels were the only muscles that experienced movement during that time. Blah. Hey, pick me up on your way to Minneapolis. Whiskeymarie is cracking me up.

suzy you get what I got: a big bowl of nut'n and some weird fetus logo you can put on your side bar. Enjoy!

Pygalgia see? you are smart. I can never read past about 30 pages of Pynchon. Maybe I'll give it another go. You always have such nice boobies.

franiam Do you think it is the diaper that allows the good doctor to write such long and hilarious posts? Not only can he write straight through the bladder urges, he is so funny that he must, on occasion, wet himself.

tengrain I meant potato chips like tasty, salty goodness that you need to keep coming back for until you've gorged yourself silly potato chips. I did not mean potato chips like full of transfat, monosodium glutamate greasy goo that will kill you potato chips. Sorry if there was confusion.

FranIAm said...

Jess- in my rush to read and comment due to that pesky work meeting (replete with old lady hip injury) I missed the real meat of this post...

Me? Make you think? Wow. It is quite the other way around in my mind dear friend! Totally the other way around indeed.

And really - I am in some very good company on your list. I bow to you all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And yes- I think the diaper is completely connected to the prolific posting from Dr. MVM!

Mwah to you!

Johnny Yen said...

I am flattered, especially since it came from one of the bloggers who consistently engages me!

Six days in the country lockup? This I have to hear.

I was arrested only once-- suspected turnstile jumping in the subway. I was on the way to a date. She did not consider it a good reason to be stood up, and we did not have another date.