Friday, August 24, 2007

Thanks, FranIam! And BAC! Yikes!!!

Last week Fran gave me the Partisan Pissant Provocateur Award. Thank goodness there wasn't too much drinking at the awards banquet or we would have all been spitting on each other just trying to get the name of the award out.

This is a meme award and thusly, I am supposed to name five other bloggers who I think are Partisan Pissant Provocateurs like the newly inducted me. I am not going to do that for two reasons: 1) I only read the blogs of Partisan Pissant Provocateurs. If I have ever left a message at your place, you are one and you know it. And I love you and I thank you for being in cyber land and not letting me think I am the only one who is totally hacked off by the events of the day. And B) well there's no b.

Thanks Fran. But thank you too, Mr. George "W is for Wrecks" Bush! I mean, sure we were partisans in the eighties and nineties. But your particular brand of diviseness has driven Americans to frothy levels of foaming at the mouth hate for one another that I am only too happy to participate in! Without you, people might have continued to consider conservatives as old guys in yellow cardigans who smelled like aftershave and loved the Wall Street Journal. Really rich old farts who would only spare a silver dollar for your birthday. Guys who lived in Colonial style homes with eagle plaques above the door. Oh, those halcyon days. No, now we know our partisan enemy is NOT those conservatives. Those conservatives we'd like to give a little hug to. Barry Goldwater, even though you are dead, people are practically remembering you as a liberal! Here are the conservatives that have taken over rending the fabric of our nation into two partisan shammycloths.

UPDATE: BAC at Yikes gave me one too. Thanks times two!


dguzman said...

Great post--so true. Amazing to see what "conservatives" look like these days: no one I'd want in my camp.

FranIAm said...

Oh Jess- you're easy to honor. But as you aptly say, so many in our circles of blogging are as well, so its Pissant Pissing for one and all!

Regarding the absolutely f**king brilliant post that you have here... Outstanding. And so true.

I just watched that HBO Goldwater documentary from last year, one last time, so I could clear it off the old dvr. So true, he is like a liberal poster child these days.

He was if nothing else a pretty independent thinker. Imagine that in this day and age, all other party affiliation aside.

Oh wait. I think I may have described Ron Paul. No wait. He is an independently thinking nut job.

Oh well. So it goes.

Anyway, big liberal, progressive bloggy air kisses to you!

Distributorcap said...

omg --- why did that man punch Goldie Hawn in the eye? because she is a big dem

BAC said...

Gee, I always wanted to hang with the cool kids ... Yikes!