Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hey, did anybody notice this?

Apparently, Google Blogger has a new linked feature so that anyone with a Blogger account can compare the interests they listed in their profile with all other profiles and perhaps find a friend who shares said interests. Just click on each entry and it sends you to a list of all other like-minded Google Bloggers.

My first interest is Rosalind Russell films except for the one in which she plays a nun and co-stars with Hayley Mills. It is called "The Trouble With Angels". (Note to Sleestak - Hayley is kind of good in it, but Rosalind should never have starred in a vehicle that doesn't allow her character to drink martinis). In the interest of full disclosure I should add that my adopted actress, Mary Wickes, has a large supporting role in this film.

I am the only one. So lonely.

I also like dirty jokes. Only 62 of my fellow blogging brethren confess to this (I find the low number a little surprising). One of the 62 is this guy:
Interests: porn, girls, naked pictures, landscape pictures with naked girls in them, sex, sex with girls, girls who like to have sex, dirty jokes, dirty women, dirty hoes, dirty minds, and more naked pictures. ...and some other stuff.."
Uh, ok so we kind of begin and end with dirty jokes eh, compadre blogger?

I am also the only person who likes to do things involving lake water (I'm sure there are many other waterski, canoe, sail, pontoon party, swim, scuba, float, pee-in-the-water enthusiasts out there. It's just that none used my exact phrase.) And I am the only person who says she likes kid stuff. Grown men who say that could be problematic. No one else is interested in collecting antique globes. Thank you all non-collectors for leaving me the pre-WWI globes I would like to someday own. (Aside from the 1905 schoolhouse globe that I do own but which is still in storage wanting a place to be hung).

I like to knit. So does Threading Water, Blue Gal and 28,197 others. Wow, an enormous pool of potential friendsters! Let's see: "Books, cats, knitting, writing, Second Life, Church, Sunday School" Ummm. Nope.

"Knitting, scrapbooking, dance, music". Hey, that's my mother-in-law! But I already know and love her so what else?

Well there's "Zwar: WWE, footy, ultimate fighting Snodgrass: Warhammer, lego, knitting,".

You know, I think we used to have things called "bars" where we could go to meet others who had nothing in common with us. I wonder if I can find a babysitter.


Distributorcap said...

OMG -- the The Trouble With Angels -- i think the ONLY movie my grandmother ever took me to see and then dragged me out when Hayley Mills was smoking in the girls room -- or something like that.

then there was Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows -- a bad sequel that has the great Roz slumming --- but also stars Stella Stevens -- who will go onto fame wearing a torn T-shirt in my favorite stink bomb -- The Poseidon Adventure

Suzy said...

Hey, I like knitting AND To Kill A Mockingbird AND A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. 23,000 bloggers list To Kill A Mockingbird as a favorite book, but only 2,800 for A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. "Scrapbooking" as a verb? Uh-oh, I steer clear.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I started checking out that new Google Blogger feature as well. I checked out some other bloggers here in Johnson City and I got to admit that I am the pick of the litter.

I also dig globes especially the cold war era ones.

Someday maybe you'll show me your globes. Hey it's could happen.

FranIAm said...

I have yet to check that feature out, but it will happen later today. Thanks for the tip.

My inner Catholic girl loves both crappy movies and makes me long for the days when my two gay friends and I would watch them on video and drink heavily.

As for you Jess- see you at the bar!

Sorghum Crow said...

Hey Jess, a friend of mine found a glass globe (circa 1930s maybe) unbroken in a dumpster. neener. neener.

It's not globes, but you if you also like maps, you should take a look at

My personal gloat, I have a cold war era silk (or maybe rayon) pilot's scarf map that my aunt got from a boyfriend when she was stationed in Formosa after WWII.

Jess Wundrun said...

Dcap I know about the sequel. I thought if I pretended it didn't exist.... Too funny about your Gma. Was she pretty strict?

suzy It should be pretty nice to finally meet, eh?

Dr MvM Guess who's #2 on the list of Madison bloggers? Althouse.

franiam Have you seen my favorite Rosalind Russell movie Auntie Mame? Technocolor drunkeness with a message about bigotry and travel! I loooooove it.

Jess Wundrun said...

Sorghum you have broken the no taunting rule!

FranIAm said...

Seen it? I wanted to live it! I have watched it so many times that I can almost recite the dialogue by heart.

It was so far ahead of its time and so out there!

Whoo hooo- the pregnant secretary, the swing in the living room, the aryans from Darien.

As you well know, life's a banquet but most poor bastards are starving to death.

Meet you at the bar for a screening of that one!

Distributorcap said...

My grandmother strict?
i got stories ---- wait till i blog about taking grandma to see Pink Flamingos. It doesnt get any better

Dr. Zaius said...

I think that oyu vastly underestimate the film "The Trouble With Angels". Any film with Hayley Mills in it becomes an instant classic in my book. Sleestak is not the only non-human that has an interest in Hayley Mills. I actually dated her briefly, much to Sleestaks's chagrin. And do you know who else was in that film? Ronne Troup, the actress who played Leslie Hayden, the plucky daughter of Professor Hayden on "Danger Island". This was a stunning drama that played on the regular Saturday morning children's show, "The Banana Splits". She wore white pants that never got dirty even though they were stranded on a desert island! It was a truly remarkable show. "Uh-Oh, Chongo!"