Monday, January 28, 2008

Signs that they are abandoning the "Competency Legacy"

The Bush Administration has dropped all pretense of hoping to be found competent by historians and nearly everyone with a pulse.

In an amazing act of brash 'fuq-U-it-tude', Paul Wolfowitz has been appointed to a panel that advises the State Department.

Wolfowitz, now a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, will head Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's International Security Advisory Board, the State Department said yesterday in a statement.

"The ISAB provides the Department of State with a source of independent insight, advice, and innovation on all aspects of arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, political-military issues, and international security and related aspects of public diplomacy," the State Department said

Yeah, that same Paul Wolfowitz who got booted from the enormously corrupt World Bank for being too openly corrupt. The same Paul Wolfowitz who brought us a quick war in Iraq that would pay for itself.

Tellya what guys. I've got tea leaves that are more often correct than that chump. Were Michael Brown or L. Paul (Jerry) Bremer busy?


dguzman said...

Holy shit. "Fuq-U-it-tude" indeed--it's mind-blowing.

fairlane said...

It makes me all warm, and fuzzy inside knowing such Patriots are looking out.

Anonymous said...

Who knew the George Bush was so interested in helping the unemployed find jobs?

Whatta guy!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

They tend to stick with the devils they know rather than go with ones they don't.

FranIAm said...

Holy crap. I am stunned. And disgusted.