Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not Making This Up:

Count Rush Limbaugh among the voters confused by Palm Beach County’s touch-screen machines.

"On his syndicated talk show this afternoon, Limbaugh said he was trying to vote in today’s primary when the screen seemed to freeze or “stick” on the list of presidential candidates.

“I hit ‘Next’ and it didn’t go there,” said Limbaugh, who lives in Palm Beach and often recounts the county’s electoral foibles on his show.

Then he hit the “Back” button and “got my candidate page again with the vote already recorded there. So I said ‘hmmmmm, I wonder if this is going to count twice.”

So he unclicked his favored candidate, clicked that candidate again and hit “Next” a second time - and it worked.

“I don’t know if I voted twice,” he said. “Probably not.”"

via Buzzflash and Bradblog. Photo credit

Well, that backfired. In Florida only poor people, black people, old liberal jewish people and democrats should have slight difficulties voting. And even that is made up because they're all so whiny.


Randal Graves said...

When they do their theft attempt and if it doesn't work and a Dem gets in despite another round of malfunction reports, watch Talent-on-loan-from-a-septic-tank whine about how maybe paper isn't such a bad idea.

Dr. Zaius said...

During the primaries the Republican candidates have to trust that the Republicans won't "fix" the vote in certain states via electronic voting. Interesting!