Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did you know that O'Reilly sucks?

Yesterday I was trying to find my local am public radio station on an old radio whose dial bears little resemblance to reality. I paused on a station for a mere ten seconds and caught this exchange:

[Little old lady, obvious concern in her voice] But what I want to know is, is it true that Obama was sworn into the congress on the (gasp) Koran?

[Radio guy] Oh, I think there's some islamic in him somewhere back. But you know this is the kind of smear job the left likes to do. Likes to bring up these things and spread things.

[Me, realizing the asshat is O'Reilly] *click*

I don't know how people can listen to any of these frightwingers for any length of time at all. A mere ten seconds and I was steamed. First - O'Reilly knows full well that Barack Obama is a practicing christian and that it was Mike Ellison from Minnesota who considered using a Koran in his swearing-in picture - but not for his swearing in because no congressperson is sworn in on anything. And second, somehow O'Reilly manages to make a frightie trope all the fault of the left when it bears no relation to anything the left has ever done to any candidate on any side of the aisle ever.


You know when people say they don't wish any ill on someone with whom they disagree? I am not one of those people. I hope Bill O'Reilly is found expired in a two bit whore house with a falafel in his nethers.


Randal Graves said...

I don't know how people can listen to any of these frightwingers for any length of time at all.

Give yourself a lobotomy. No, I'll wait for you to find something sharp. Ah, that warm, gentle feeling? No, not the flowing blood, that utter lack of higher brain functions?

That's how.

And I'm with you. If you're a vile fuck, you know you're a vile fuck, and you know that policies you support are vile, I have no problem hoping you meet painful and embarrassing misery. If that makes me less of a man, fucking so be it.

Matty Boy said...

I too have revenge fantasies about Bill O'Reilly, but according to his biographer, who was on Countdown earlier this week, a lot of BillO's stories about his childhood end with the administering of beatings.

O'Reilly's problem is not one beating too few. It's more like 20 to 30 beatings too many.

Jess Wundrun said...

randal seems like a reasonable trade off.

matty boy great. I already harbor a small iota of pity for the fool (say it like Mr. T) and now you've given me one more iota (iotum?)

Dr. Zaius said...

THe other day on CSPAN, a caller asked why Obama did not have enough guts to go on Bill O'Reilly's show. It's the "No Spin Zone," after all, he said.

Unfortunately, several Democrats asked embaressingly stupid questions as well. **sigh**

FranIAm said...

He is one of the most devisive voices ever. Ever!


Making me sick he is!

DCup said...

My son came home today and told us that some girl was telling all the kids at school that Obama was a muslim.

Did anyone correct her?

Of course not. Well, except for my kid, but he didn't even know that Obama was Christian. He merely told her she was wrong because we're not supposed to be fighting Muslims, we're fighting terrorists.

He got it about half right.

Now you gotta wonder where the girl got her info, huh? (Mom and Dad?)

dguzman said...

Fuck the high road; I say let him die--perhaps like this: One day, while in a crack-induced hysteria, he runs out into the middle of Times Square, in a shit-stained diaper, and a big truck runs over his ass.

Jess Wundrun said...

Ah, d-we can dream.