Sunday, November 18, 2007

When can we declare these people clinically brain dead?

Under the headline "At present we are losing our country, but our fate is in our hands" a commenter on the website "The View from the Right" writes:

That the leading Republican candidates are participating in a Spanish language debate ["Really terrible news"] is indeed terrible news. What is one to do? I don't even think I am such a "traditionalist." How can people just watch this go on and not feel at all disturbed by it?

From my experience in pointing out this surge of Spanish language translations being put on every product and sign and brochure, it seems that people just don't see anything wrong with it.

Last summer I went to a Mets game, for the first time in a long time. The game programs at Shea Stadium now include Spanish translations of everything [blogger's note: *gasp!*]--all the headings, positions, etc. So, for one thing, the page is just jammed with text now, with the English and Spanish words and phrases being placed next to each other in the same lines, so it is one big long line of text separated by a slash. What I find particularly egregious is that surely no Hispanic baseball fan doesn't know all the English terminology already. They are not even real Spanish-language words, since they are almost all "Spanglish" or transliterations from English. (beisbol, honrun)

Mets games programs published in Spanish? Oh the horror, oh the coming apocalypse. I bet these Mets players are outraged, too:

Ambiorix Burgos, Dominican Republic
Willie Collazo, Puerto Rico
Pedro Juan Feliciano, Puerto Rico
Orlando Hernandez, Cuba
Pedro Martinez, Dominican Republic
Guillermo Mota, Dominican Republic
Juan Padilla, Puerto Rico
Oliver Perez, Mexico
Duaner Sanchez, Dominican Republic
Jorge Sosa, Dominican Republic
Ramon Castro, Puerto Rico
Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico
Ruben Gotay, Puerto Rico
Anderson Hernandez, Dominican Republic
Jose Reyes, Dominican Republic
Carlos Beltran, Puerto Rico
Endy Chavez, Venezuela
Carlos Gomez, Dominican Republic

18 of 33 players on the Mets roster were born in Spanish speaking countries.


FranIAm said...

¡La ayuda de dios nosotros! ¡Dios nos salva! ¡El idioma español invade América!

¡Hemos encarado los rusos y al chino! ¡Hemos sufrido la vergüenza de los años de Clinton! ¡Ahora esto! ¡Qué luego!

¡Es una tragedia! ¡Es una atrocidad! ¿Qué nos será de?

¡La ayuda de dios nosotros! ¡Dios nos salva! ¡Dios les enseña inglés! ¡Rápidamente!


FranIAm said...

God help us! God save us! The Spanish language invades America!

We have fought the Russians and the Chinese! We have suffered the shame of the Clinton years! Now this- what a pity.

It is a tragedy. It is an atrocity. What next?

Help us God! Save us God! God teach them English! Quickly!

Or something like that.

fairlane said...

Mexicans don't vote for Wingnuts.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

How dare the Mets front office try to court the biggest growing bloc of people in this country by printing stuff in their native language? Damn them for being thoughtful and respectful.

Distributorcap said...

one only wonders how one hispanic person in this country can even considering voting for a republican

same with anyone who is black, gay, muslim or female...

this shouldnt be close -- but why is it?

Dr. Zaius said...

There is only one solution - Lou Dobbs for President!

FranIAm said...

I think a Dobbs-Tancredo ticket will do the trick!

Jess Wundrun said...

Dobbs-Tancredo: "The best defense is a great big fence"

dguzman said...

Great story, great comments! And thanks for trolling the depths of the wingnut level of blog-hell and keeping us informed. You translate so we don't have to!

I can't believe the shite these people concern themselves with. Well, I guess if my party had pretty much f*cked up both the present and the future, I'd be blowing hard about minutiae too.