Monday, April 14, 2008

Fer Chrissake's I Hope He Doesn't Call Us "Bitter"

This sounds vaguely like something I heard last Friday:

During his visit to the United Nations a few days later, the Pope will address "the false notion that might makes right," according to a Vatican representative.

Some experts also predict the Pope would criticize the "culture of fear" in the United States. The Rev. David Hollenbach, director of Boston College's Center for Human Rights, said recently that this culture is seen as integral to the US involvement in Iraq.

"Fear can lead to angry responses," Hollenbach said, according to the Connecticut Post. "I think the pope's message is going to be 'Don't be afraid.' I think the overcoming of fear can take away the impulse for war."

This came from an article at Raw Story about how the Pope will be skipping dinner with the Bushes. One might begin to wonder if the new "in" trend in dining is to be able to say you turned down an invitation to the White House. Because the Pope's not the first: Last April the King of Saudi Arabia said no thanks.


Dr. Zaius said...

Hee hee! I love the graphic that you made! It's amazing to that a former memeber of the Nazi Youth is going to give George Bush a stern talking to about his culture of fear.

Spirula said...

"I think the pope's message is going to be 'Don't be afraid.'

That'd explain their doctrine of hell.

Randal Graves said...

Yoda Hollenbach is!

dguzman said...

Yoda Pope sez
"Fear is path 2 teh darksidez!"

hee hee hee

Of course, some of us are just afraid of the pope too, being as how he's a nazi and all.

Dean Wormer said...

As Chief Brody said in Jaws: "I think you're going to need a bigger pope."

CDP said...

Of course, if he says that we "cling to religion", he can then say immediately "but I mean that in a good way!"