Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's up with my adopted actors?

I have been neglecting my adoptees here at Just Wondering. Sorry guys, you know I've been giving you the love at home, I just don't broadcast it every day, okay? Here's the whassup:

Paul Reubens should be appearing soon in the new series "Pushing Daisies". Pushing Daisies has garnered lots of buzz, but I have yet to see it because we have HBO for free for the next two months. There are like, 80 HBO channels now so network TV - I've got no time for you. Plus, if something really exciting happens like a former variety show/family act singer passes out on stage after a dance routine, I know the morning shows will replay it ad nauseum. I don't even have to watch the morning shows. They'll show her falling down like a green pistachio souffle in the teasers. Yay teasers!

Also, Paul is starring in a David Arquette vehicle called "Tripper". He plays a sleazy concert promoter. There is a pile of bodies. Mayhem ensues. I will be looking for it.

Mary Wickes hasn't been doing anything. Mary is still dead.


dguzman said...

Go Peewee Go!

Uh, go, Mary--or well, just lay there. Atta girl.

Dr. Zaius said...

I think that Mary is hanging out with Generalissimo Francisco Franco. They are watching reruns of SNL's Weekend Update.