Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh. We have come to this.

Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying this:

"It [the missile defense system] is not designed to defend against an attack from Russia. The missile defenses we could employ would be easily overwhelmed by Russia's nuclear arsenal. Russia has hundreds of missiles and thousands of warheads. We're planning to deploy ten interceptors in Europe. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math."
-GeeDubya, October 23rd.

And it doesn't take a CIA analyst to look at the photo:

The Caspian region is the new darling of oil drilling. And, stop me if this sounds familiar, there is going to be a new pipeline soon. Last week they held a summit. As a littoral state Russia was in. The agreement included regional security measures. A security treaty, if you will, between Russia and Iran.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Russia has much to gain economically and politically from standing up to the United States in the rift over Iran. A stronger alliance with Iran would help Russia preserve its dominance in the Caspian region and discourage other ex-Soviet nations from launching Western-oriented pipeline projects that would bypass Moscow's monopoly on pipelines out of the oil- and gas-rich area

Yeah, it's all about the islamofascism. Oil's got nothing to do with it. Keep repeating, and soon we'll get our war.


dguzman said...

I just passed by the Fox Nazi Channel on the cafeteria TV and heard an "expert" talking about how the surge is working and the momentum is definitely on our side! So by all means, let's expand the war to Iran so we can keep the positivity going!

I think I need to throw up now.

fairlane said...

Oil, the richman's crack.

Jess Wundrun said...

Ooh, I do not want to think about the cracks of rich men.

Dr. Zaius said...

Say what you will about Reagan, he is directly responsible for SALT I and SALT II. He did a few things right amidst all of his blunders and calculated destruction.