Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sometimes you can be proud of your representatives

Of course, I'm always proud to be represented in the Senate by Senator Russ Feingold.

And now my representative in Congress has stepped up:

(From The Nation - and other local hero, John Nichols)

Three senior members of the House Judiciary Committee have called for the immediate opening of impeachment hearings for Vice President Richard Cheney.

Democrats Robert Wexler of Florida, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin on Friday distributed a statement, "A Case for Hearings," that declares, "The issues at hand are too serious to ignore, including credible allegations of abuse of power that if proven may well constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under our constitution. The charges against Vice President Cheney relate to his deceptive actions leading up to the Iraq war, the revelation of the identity of a covert agent for political retaliation, and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens."
Could be she was really listening to Enriched Geranium and Luminferous Ether last month at her listening session.


Ed said...

Good for Tammy for following through on this! But, what the heck was she thinking when she voted to "recognize the importance of christmas and the christian faith" a couple of days ago? Just when you start to feel good about your representative, they turn around and do something really stupid. I just don't get it.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

My douchebag Congressman not only voted for that "We Love Christians" bill, he feckin' sponsored it.

Distributorcap said...

you mean my senators Chuck Schumer (sponsor of what is waterboarding Mukasey), Hillary Clinton ('nuff said) and Carolyn Maloney (ooh I love Christmas, lets honor it) arent something to be proud of?

dguzman said...

You know, I'm sure everyone felt pressured to sign that "Christmas is important!" bill--otherwise, can you imagine the "he/she hates Christians!" attack ads from the reich? Kinda stupid, yes, but one of those stupid things you have to go along with.

I have Arlen Specter--who SOMETIMES makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Green is my color today.

I'm positively green with envy. Green!

BAC said...

I love Rep. Tammy Baldwin. I had the good fortune to meet her before she became the first openly lesbian member of Congress. While I worked for NOW the organization had a PAC fundraiser in Palm Springs. Tammy was there, so I walked her around to meet all the wealthy women in the room. I don't remember now what the maximum contribution at the time was, but let's say it was a couple of thousand dollars. As I introduced her to everyone I said, "this is Tammy Baldwin, she's running for Congress and unfortunately the most you can give her today is $2,000." I think she raised a lot that day.