Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

Dear President Obama*

Thank you for your bold move on Gitmo, and for declaring that our government will no longer spy on us citizens. Excellent start in your opening days.

Now I have a little request:

Please in the next few days declare the phrase "Who are you wearing" as well as the term "Ginormous" to be illegal and punishable by Ex-President Bush** era techniques.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of these important issues,

Yours in peace and democracy,
Jess Wundrun.


A President Who is Smarter than Me

Once again the man and woman living in the White House are smarter than me. It's a great feeling.

Of all the images and memories of the inauguration the one that will stick with me forever is when Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the lines of the oath, and President Obama* gave a slight nod and waited for Roberts to correct himself.

I was listening on Democracy Now! at work. Our accountant was here and when that part happened he whipped his head around -- we both thought Obama had messed it up.

When I got home Tuesday night I watched the inauguration and saw what really happened.

The presidential oath of office is written into the Constitution. It is important to get it right. (Remember, if you will, that ex-President George W. Bush** did not). Our new president who once taught Constitutional Law, knew that. I'm going to assume that the Chief Justice was simply very very nervous.

The man who should have had shaky nerves-the President-showed his mettle. How many billion people around the world were tuned in at that moment. President Obama is completely unflappable.

That moment showed me that we chose the best possible American to lead us in these times. Everything we need to know about him took place in those few seconds.

We have overcome.

*My first use of the phrase. Yay!
**Dean Wormer's favorite phrase. I plan to use it LIBERALLY.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last Night of Self-Loathing

I'd like to drop some profound bon mots on the fact that this is the very last night that a Bush will EVER be in charge of our country. Shhh, Jeb and the lesser generations don't yet know all that.

I wonder how many times someone on our side will tell a rightward soul "America, love it or leave it"? It's almost a shame that conservatives have been given a free pass. There ought to be some penance for their sins. And yet, as many times as Ol' Newt Gingrich has been gassin' up the airwaves lately, I'm sure that we'll all just move along and his own brand of partisanship AS politics will be forgotten.

I may never be able to stop hating them.

But that's me. Apparently, President Obama will find room for bi-partisanship. And when it is all said and done, I bet you that he will not get the credit for it that he deserves. There is still far far too much of the "two sides of the story" meme in the MSM.

Now that our side is in charge, do you think our talk radio will resemble intelligent conversations regarding our possibilities, or do you think it will resemble the vocal equivalent of a steroid-addled wrestler bringing down a figure four leglock on the popcorn vendor?

Well, it's been a damned long time since I was proud to be an American. It's nice to know that this is the very last night in a very very long nightmare.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

We fired RD.

If I never run across another republican who thinks he knows how to run a business (or a country) again, it will be too soon.

The truth is that if I hadn't gone to work and looked at the books, RD would have run the company out of business within the year.

When I mentioned this to him at his "exit interview" he said, almost blithely, that "companies are going out of business left and right, right now".

Not ours, buddy.

So I've been trying to figure out everything that he did, both right and wrong, and get us turned around. It's taken all of my time.

I've started a few blog posts about the whole situation, but then I toss them because they've been a bit too whiny.

So that's where I've been. All is well and is getting weller. At least I hope so.