Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update: The State Department Also Doesn't Know Blackwater's Status.

From Yahoo News:

The workings of security contractors in Iraq are so unclear that the State Department, whom Blackwater protects in Iraq, was still unable to say more than 48 hours after Sunday's incident whether the company holds a legitimate license.

The U.S. embassy also could not answer questions about the legal status of security contractors, and whether any possible proceedings would be prosecuted under Iraqi or U.S. law


dguzman said...

Of course they're claiming they don't know the status -- that way they can just keep the waters muddy until everyone forgets the whole thing. Then it's back to business as usual, BushCo style. Given the ridiculous focus on that asshat OJ Simpson and his latest wacko acts, it'll only take Fox viewers a day or so to learn to ignore anything about Blackwater.

Everyone else will be busy worrying about whether Lindsay Lohan is gonna need rehab again or what Britney's latest outfit means about her mental state. No need to follow this news item! Everything will be censored shortly!

Fran said...

Does this surprise anyone?

I feel distressed.

Very distressed.

dguzman said...

I heard this morning on NPR that the Iraqis are now backing down from a total ban and will instead re-write the rules for military contractees so they can be held responsible for their actions.

Breathe a moment here.


WHY THE FUCK WASN'T THAT IN THE RULES FROM THE BEGINNING??!!? Are you telling me that under the current rules, NO LAWS APPLY? They can murder at will with impunity? WTF???

Sorghum Crow said...

Of course they don't know, Blackwater hasn't said "simon sez" yet.