Wednesday, September 5, 2007

True Tales of Unrequited Love

Heartbroken Bush Runs After Departing Roves Car

The Onion

Heartbroken Bush Runs After Departing Rove's Car

WASHINGTON, DC—"Why can't I go with him? When is he coming back?" a tearful President Bush asked advisers as Karl Rove's sedan disappeared over the horizon.


Dr. Zaius said...

This is George Bush's "Shane! Shane! Come back, Shane!" moment.

Suzy said...

The Onion nails it again.

What to do, what to do ... please advise. Do I go to Fighting Bob Fest where I'll get to hear some good speakers and get a little riled up OR do I go to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival where I'll get to see sheep, herding dogs, and dream about yarn? Why do they fall on the same weekend every year?

pissed off patricia said...

Damn, Dr Zaius, you grabbed my comment.
Hopefully the president has recovered by now as he dreams of the big bucks his speeches some day will bring in.