Friday, September 14, 2007

I didn't see it but I gather that...

...It is all the fault of the dems.

I couldn't watch the speech last night. But this morning on the Today show I heard a little bit of Tim Russert's round up. What I gathered was: there will still be 100,000 troops in Iraq in 2009 when the new president is sworn in. The problem is not that this administration created this bogus war, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents and bankrupting our country, failing to find a coherent strategy to end the thing - no, the problem here is that the democrats haven't really formulated a good response.

And they accuse the dems of being too political.

Mr. Russert-you won't spontaneously combust if you deign to criticize the idiot in charge of this country.

(Without the least trace of irony, he went on to criticize those who are more concerned about the MoveOn ad than they are about Petraeus' testimony. Though in essence that is what he had just done.)


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Distributorcap said...

the chimpu love fest has started -- watch the bounce in the polls

also i nearly puked when the Today Show went to dropping pants for Tony Snow --- and how he was the bestest press spokesperson ever

dguzman said...


Fran said...

D-cap's fave topic or one of them... the super news oriented Today show! Yay!!

Seriously- we call this crap... Today and Russert, news?

I think not.

Anonymous said...

The corporate media has done nothing but cheerlead for the occupation. I guess they won't climb down gracefully from those dizzying heights, will they?

They're coming down with a loud thud right on top of the Dems whom they alledgedly love. What a bunch of goons they are.

Fran said...

Having been a big ranter since back in the day, seeing the GE logo next to Butt Plug made me recall something.

Back when GE bought NBC I exhausted many of my friends by decrying the fact that a major news outlet (this was pre the cable news boom) was going to be owned by a major defense contractor.

They turned their heads. They rolled their eyes. They made little circular motions with their finger next to their head.

At least when y'all do that I don't have to see it though...

Jess Wundrun said...

You know I couldn't even begin to get started on Matt Lauer's trip to Iran. It was all so 2003. It's like a funeral ceremony or something: same ritual different corpse.

Fran, I would have been right by your side lamenting that GE thing. I have a journalism undergraduate degree and I sometimes think it would be interesting to go back and hear what the professors have to say today. I mean, 20 years ago they were lamenting the loss of two newspaper cities! Or warning us to not be beholden to major advertisers.

What do they say now when the major advertisers are the owners?

And is intro now called 'Craptastic stenography 101 - Be sure to believe it all'?