Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank God for Big Tax Breaks

It is very important that we don't go spending tax dollars on things like infrastructure because that's not fair to rich folks who really deserve to keep all of their money because naturally they were smart enough to make it in the first place so thusly they will use their money for the best and highest purpose. Zing bang! all of society prospers! Trickle Down Trickle Down Siss Boom Bah!

Case in point:

To own one Hermes Birkin is a feat in and of itself. To have a collection of over one hundred Hermes Bags is mind blowing. This is said to be accomplished by Victoria Beckham, as if it is even an accomplishment, who has spent over $2 million dollars at Hermes. Most recently, Victoria sported one of her most casual looks, of course paired with a White Hermes Birkin. Her outfit is made up of white skinny jeans, a blue tank, a blue and white striped cropped jacket, Christian Louboutin pumps, and of course her must-have designer handbag. I must admit I am partial to the white Hermes leathers (pictures of my beautiful new addition to come later), which are stark stunning and crisp on their intricately crafted bags, but worry about any spec of dirt getting on the bag. The very light shades, especially white, must be sent to the mother ship, in Paris, and will take 6 months to be cleaned. Lucky for Victoria, she has about 99 other Hermes bags to tote while waiting
From Purse Blog, Number 20 on sitemeter's list of blogs. *sigh*


Dr. Zaius said...

Problems present prior to the French Revolution

great inequalities

third estate had no voice in making or changing the laws that kept them under the absolute control of their landlords

The government uses its power to maintain things as they are and repress dissents such as protect action and literature.

The nobles and clergy paid very few taxes.

France was bankrupt because of extravagant court spending.

Many intellectuals wanted France to be a constitutional representative monarch as England was. Other intellectual leaders wanted to get rid of the king and the nobility.

The people are able to obtain weapons in fairly large amounts. killeenroos.com

I'm just sayin'... Maybe Victoria Beckham should get a Hello Kitty bag.

dguzman said...

But you hear that "trickle down" shit in so many forms. One of the guys I work with claimed that poor people are poor because they're too lazy to get rich. His priceless quote, which of course you know I now LIVE by!: "Wealth is not for the chosen few. It's for the FEW who CHOOSE." And the rest of us lazy a-holes should just get off our butts and WORK!

Fran said...

Oh, man I am a lazy ass and somehow I got to be a Senior VP. It's so "Being There." Really, if it hadn't worked out that way I'd be on welfare or sleeping in Tompkins Square Park.

Which now that the gig is up, I may be doing if Mr. HeIs's union strikes next week.

I loathe these assholes.

I mean, how many f-ing bags do you need?

How much f-ing money do you need?

I must shower now.

Distributorcap said...

he/she has the most money when he/she dies - WINS!