Saturday, October 4, 2008

When She Wallows in the Mud with Her Lipstick On, What Shall We Call Her?

The McCain Campaign, dewy with anxious flop sweat, has determined that the road to the Whitehouse is not paved with anything, but that it is indeed just a muddy rutted back-country road.

Today, free from fear that someone will call her on her bullshit, Sarah Palin called Obama a terrorist for palling around with William Ayers, a 60's radical member of the Weather Underground who is now a professor of English at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Every leading mainstream newsource has discredited any association between Obama and Ayers as a passing acquaintance.

Righties have been trying to push this meme for longer than the Jeremiah Wright canard. One would almost think that Obama hates his country so much he would sleep with a secessionist, and that secessionists business partner to boot. (I mean of course, Todd Palin and his ex-business partner, in case you hadn't heard).

Inside that glass house of Ms. Palin's from whence she is tossing these stones are the other glaring inadequacies of her own:

  • Drug-addicted son with anger management difficulties swept off to Iraq.
  • Pregnant teen daughter set to wed high school drop-out boyfriend.
  • Illegal tax evasion for not paying taxes on unethical per diem charges against the State of Alaska, taken for the days she stayed home and worked out of her house in Wasilla
  • The bending of zoning rules for her own profit while mayor of Wasilla
  • The failure of the new Alaska pipeline, thanks to a plan to build it straight through Native American property in Canada (that would require diplomacy with a hostile foreign nation, I guess). Even though Palin asked constituents to pray that God's will be done in building the pipeline.
  • The continued lie about a "Bridge to Nowhere" and reformer fight to take on her own party. As yet she has not distanced herself from indicted Senator Ted Stevens
  • The witch hunting pastor.
  • The troopergate coverup
  • The tens of thousands of dollars in gifts she received illegally while in office.
  • The number of people she had fired for disloyalty
  • Defying open records laws by conducting government business on an easily hackable yahoo mail account.
  • Todd Palin's inclusion in government business.
  • All the hypocrisy.

Add yer own.


Matty Boy said...

And didja mention the lack of belief in evolution and any human cause to global warming, and a speech writer who is fond of a fascist who called for the assassination of FDR and Bobby Kennedy? How about making rape victims pay for the rape kits?

Nope, guess ya didn't, so I will. It's okay, 'cause we're both mavericks!

Randal Graves said...

My folks stopped over last evening and my centrist mom made the mistake of asking me my opinion on the VP debate. Of course my dad is a hardcore wingnut - you know, the ones that wouldn't be swayed even if Bush ate a live baby on teevee - so that spiraled into a near-shouting match within seconds after I listed a good chunk of the examples you presented here.

I'm sick of morons voting. Can't we distract them with shiny objects on November 4?

Zoey & Me said...

Great post Jess...don't cha think the McInsane Camp is in a panic? That they are running out of time? That's where the swift boat foul mouth comes from and you will see and hear more from Failin. I'd love to see O man step up the plate and match wits with all that you listed in this post.

Comrade Kevin said...

And McCain's campaign has encouraged the Obama campaign to reintroduce American to McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal---as a result of pursuing the Ayers story.

dguzman said...

Did they run out of fresh lies for her to recite, so they're recycling the old ones? Should we expect to see that pic of Obama in a turban again too?

CDP said...

I think McCain's still using the "sold the plane on Ebay and made a profit!" line too. She tried to sell the plane on Ebay; when that was not successful (and who would have guessed, right?), she hired a professional aircraft broker, who sold it for significantly less than the state of Alaska paid for it.

pissed off patricia said...

Doesn't it seem like there are two worlds right here in our country? I mean, how can anyone believe Moose Muffin is prepared or even capable of running the govt of the United States? Hell, bush was more prepared than she is and we all know what a fu*king disaster he turned out to be.

Bubs said...

Brilliant use of the bullet point!

What she has in common with GW Bush is that total confidence and utter lack of shame. While everyone else is standing there, dumbfounded, thinking, "I can't believe she's doing/saying that" she goes ahead and does it or says it.

Dean Wormer said...

Olbermann took her apart last night using some of your examples.

These guys are cornered so what we're seeing is desperation. It won't work. We don't elect leaders in this country that look pathetic.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Add this:

Grating accent and shrill voice.

God Of Bacon said...

The God of Bacon commands you to vote against she who is further to the right than Darth Vader.

ed said...



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