Thursday, May 8, 2008

You Say Elitist...

I say "uppity nigger".

Don't know how else to explain a kid who grew up on food stamps with a single mother and who made it big through the promise of the American dream, who pulled himself up by his bootstraps, being given the "elitist tag".

Hillary might let that go, now that she's being asked to quit.

But you know McCain won't.

Yes, massah. Bes yah keeps thuh uppity niggahs down.


Dr. Zaius said...

I think that "elitist" is the new Republican code word for "not white enough". Hillary has recently opted for the more colloquial code words, "not electable".

zogby said...

Obama makes the mistake of presenting himself as an "elitist."

When he speaks to voters at large gatherings he uses words like "antithetical" and he pronounces "divisive" using all "short" phonetic "i" sounds. That's the mark of someone who has worked a little too hard on his image.

It would shock me if he did not become the Democratic nominee. But assuming he is nominated, he will then face endless attacks for his association with Reverend Wright.

Obama said he spent 20 years in Wright's church but never heard him say the anti-American, anti-white, bigoted statements for which is now so well known.

He will have to lie to voters to get past this issue. But lying won't work.

Moreover, as a black presidential candidate, he will be linked to the idea of reparations.

The majority of white voters will reject a black candidate who might attempt to impose a huge transfer of wealth from whites to blacks.

Obama's connection to Wright suggests he is open to the idea of reparations, even though he won't admit it now.

Jess Wundrun said...

what a pantsload of shit.

Reparations? Did they discuss that at your KKK meeting?

You have no right to speak for the "majority of whites" particularly of an idea that exists only in your head.

If you haven't noticed the current resident of the oval office has affected an entire dialect to make up for his elite Andover, Yale and Connecticut true dialect. No one seems to mind his daily lie.

And Obama has answered the Wright charges. Do you honestly believe that Obama himself is anti-American? I bet you don't. You're just hoping for a wedge issue and as wedge issues go this one is going to fade away.

Dean Wormer said...

Jess I really think they call ALL Democrats elitist.

I tend to think of their use of the term as meaning something along the lines of "not as stupid as us."

In that sense we ARE elitist.

Randal Graves said...

Speak for yourself, dean. Where's ma can o' Schlitz. Mama's Family is on!

dguzman said...

Jess, nice job of chopping that guy's dick off so completely. Idiot.

I have to agree with you that the media's focus has been on "the bitch" and will shift to "the uppity n***ah" soon enough. Just the thought of it makes my stomach cramp up and my eyes water. I see prejudice almost every day, given the whole hispanic out-lesbian thing, but to think of the established media publicly and proudly showing their prejudices on national TV for the world to see, thinking they're so fucking smart because they used their codewords like "out of touch" and "elitist"--well, it just makes me want to throw up.

And move out of the US.

zogby said...


Obama first said he could not disown Wright anymore than he could disown his white grandmother. I believed him.

Then he thought about it after the level of outrage soared, and he decided he could disown Wright.

Dumping Wright after sitting in his congregation for 20 years, after naming Wright as the godfather to his kids, and after having Wright conduct Obama's wedding as well identifying Wright as his spiritual mentor, seems to lack meaning and sincerity.

Wright is an anti-white, anti-American crackpot who admires Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

Obama has no chance of escaping the impact of his association with Wright. This 20-year association will destroy Obama's campaign.

Moreover, when the first black presidential candidate begins his campaign against McCain, the black extremists will come out of the woodwork whether Obama wants to see and hear from them or not.

We will see the Nation of Islam turn out for him as well as member of all the black separatist churches that exist around the country. There are two famous black academic leaders whom Wright admires, and they are big supporters of black separatism whose theology claims that Christ was black. Personally, it makes no difference what color religious icons are thought to be. But you will have zero luck finding white church goers who admit to BELIEVING Christ was black.

When these aspects of the black religious experience filter through the country during this campaign, voters will get a disturbing picture of what it means to elect a black president.

Obama will lose in a landslide.

Mauigirl said...

Elitist is another word for intelligent. As Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show, "Elite means GOOD, doesn't it?" He went on to say that he for one wants to have a president who is smarter than he is. I hope others will see the light and realize that having a president like Bush, "one of the guys, someone you could have a beer with" isn't the best person to have as president.

I disagree, Zogby, about Obama losing in a landslide. Somehow he seem to be able to face these racist connections head on and somehow defuse him. And the young people who are supporting him have grown up in a very different world than those in the older generation. These kids have grown up in a much more open, integrated society than their elders. In fact, by the year 2045, I believe it is, something like nearly 50% of kids under 17 will be non-white.

I think Obama can outlast the prejudice. I think Hillary would have had an equal amount of trouble with being a woman, and worse yet, a Clinton. The Republican base would come out against her in droves.

Comrade Kevin said...

Works for me. *shrugs*

Ed said...

Anyone who doesn't sound stupid seems to be called "elitist" these days. And as Mauigirl points out, when did "elite" change it's meaning?

Now, pulling himself up by his bootstraps, I just don't know that one. All those conservatives out there seem to think that's how poor people should get out of poverty, but it just doesn't work. I know - I have boots and they have straps. I've tried picking myself up by them and I can't do it. The best I've been able to do is to hop around by my boot straps. ;)

zogby said...


In the context of politics and culture, "elite" means "privileged". Like a temporary royalty or aristocracy.

Even if those among the "elite" are intelligent, they are as prone to massive errors in judgment as any other group.

By the way, John Stewart is a COMEDIAN, which means that above all, he wants to entertain. It makes no difference to him if his views are right or wrong, good or bad -- as long as his customers -- his fans -- are satisfied with his performances.

zogby said...


Obama has NOT saved himself from the impact of Wright. Not even close. Wright was simply the first.

Assuming Obama is nominated, white Americans are going to learn about the extent of anti-white sentiments among blacks. We've already heard from Michele Obama. The negative feelings can't go much higher up the ladder of black "elites" than that.

America will get to know a lot more about Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, as well as all the other black preachers who accept the idea of black separatism.

The campaign will be an eye-opening experience for millions and millions of whites, who will then experience a collecting drop of the jaw when it dawns on them that there's a lot of anti-white animus out there among blacks.

Just wait till reparations become part of the campaign discussion on race.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hey Zogby, I'd tell you to stop being a dick and get your own blog so you can bloviate on it, but people who are raging dicks don't usually know what raging dicks they really are.

zogby said...

Hey monkey, I'd ask you why you think no blacks will raise the subjects of black separatism, the Nation of Islam and reparations, but you're not black, so you wouldn't have anything to say.

ed said...


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