Monday, September 29, 2008

Republican Cannibals

If they're going to eat their own, I should hope they send out the disclaimer about eating raw or undercooked meat. With the GOP you never know where that flank steak has been!

Okay, Newt is sorta kinda sticking by Palin.

Kathleen Parker says most feminists are hairy, so ain't it great that she could get behind Sarah Palin, until she discovered that there's no there there. The link is to NPR, who has a link to the original article at National Review Online.

Speaking of - Wick Wilson former editor of the National Review is actually claiming that he'll vote for Obama. This is a great column about how the conservatives have lost their way, degenerating into a party he does not recognize.

Today I casually mentioned to Republican Dude (RD) at work that I think after the shenanigans of the last few weeks that it must be embarrassing to follow McCain. Te he. Naturally, he disagreed, thinking that Joe Biden is more of an embarrassment than McCain's little temper tantrumy stunts at the end of the week.


Fran said...

Blogger kept eating my comments... does that mean it is a cannibal?

Newt Gingrich makes me really feel ill. This whole thing made me feel ill.

dguzman said...

And once again, we see why I'm a vegetarian.

I like how your RD at work doesn't bother to defend his guy; he just criticizes your guy. How republican.

Dr. Zaius said...

OMG! If only we could get this clip on FOX News! Or even CNN...

Randal Graves said...

Can we get Newt to eat your Republican coworker and then get a real cannibal from New Guinea to eat Newt?