Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The High Road? Oh, Really?

Yeah, let's play nice. That's a great idea. Cuz, you know, the other side is nothing but honorable.


Anonymous said...

And so it begins.

Obama liked to say "change," and yet the only "change" he seemed to offer was "running a different kind of campaign" while admitting he was essentially the same on the issues as his opponent.

The private attack ads run, and they don't have to convince logical, educated people. They just have to take a couple percentage points away from "Osama-Binladen."

Nearly half of the country will blindly vote for their respective candidate.

You are right - if Obama doesn't "make the bastard deny it," and continues trying to play nice, it will mean nothing but trouble for our nation.


Comrade Kevin said...

How can we stretch the truth today, my friends?

Randal Graves said...

Don't worry, we can win by being extra super nice. It worked in 2000 and 2004.

Dean Wormer said...

No mercy. Mercy is for the weak.

Dean Wormer said...


I just read THAT thread over at BACs and agree 100% with what you said. It is beyond absurd that someone who employed so many baseless personal attacks during the primaries (Rezco, Ayers, Michelle Obama's "proud of America" comment) would feel that they could lecture everybody else about what's acceptable as far as issues. I don't really try to engage her anymore myself because her remarks often seem borderline trollish.

Anyhoo- kudos.

BAC said...

Dean, I didn't realize that Tony Rezco was one of Obama children? And please find a post where I criticized Michelle Obama's comment, or talked about Ayers.

Jess is bent out of shape because she thinks Sarah Palin has lied. Well STOP THE PRESSES ... A POLITICIAN LIED.

There are a LOT of reasons not to vote for the McCalin/Palin ticket. Palin's family problems aren't one of them.

I will say to you what I said to Jess ... keep these posting these distractions, keep the media attention on McCain/Palin, but be prepared to watch McCain take the oath of office when voters who have problems keeping their own kids in line cast a sympathy vote for them.


Dean Wormer said...


I wasn't referring to you but to one of your regulars.

You were the voice of reason in that discussion. I didn't jump in myself because I didn't want to agitate the situation. That person seems to have a problem with me. I'm at a honestly at a complete loss as to why.

There were a lot of bad things said on both sides during the primaries. I think that most of us have decided to put that behind us and work to keep McCain/ Palin out of the white house.

For the record- I don't know what to think about the baby issue and the other personal stuff as a political tool against Palin. My heart says "absolutely not that's wrong" but my head keeps reminding me that this sort of irrelevant stuff is what the other side keeps winning elections on.

And as Jess points out there are aspects of this story that run directly contrary to the image the McCain campaign itself is trying to portray.

So I just don't know.

BAC said...

Dean - thanks for the clarification.


Dr. Zaius said...

This ad is only the beginning, I fear. And BAC and Dean Wormer, get a room already! Sheesh!