Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How's About Some Health Care?

Lord, lord.

My brother in law is both a republican and an insurance agent. And yet, I feel that he might be drifting from his rock solid republican roots.

Here's one of the biggest reasons that I want to speak freely as a small business owner (yes, I actually am a partial owner of the business now, but I generally refrain from throwing that around. I get lots and lots of mileage from salespeople and others who assume that because I'm a girl that I'm the receptionist. So be it)

I despise the money that I spend in insurance. Republicans always tell you that the small business owner is choked out of new hires bytaxes, but I have found that is not true at all. Insurance is our own personal smack down.

You know how you hear stories about guys like Willy Nelson who didn't pay their taxes and oh, woe unto them? I find that Uncle Sam is alot more forgiving than the private for profit insurance companies that I have to give money to.

It comes down to this: Money that I pay in taxes is based on money that I have earned. It's a simple percentage. Granted, sometimes I hate paying my sales tax,when, as a contractor, my client may not pay me for 60 days.

What I despise are my fixed costs. And my biggest most fearsome fixed cost is health insurance. Also,I am required by law to carry worker's comp and general liability. These are charges that go up or down once a year based on my volume. The money essentially is private for profit in the way that, had GW Bush gotten his way, our social security money would have gone.

I ramble. The point is simply this: Don't believe anyone who tells you that the government can't run something better than the private sector, because they can.

Second, insurance simply shows us that the privatization of needed services that includes a profit motive will kill a small business 100X faster than a tax will

Third, small business owners who still believe in the Republican Party and/or Jim Cramer from CNBC will be flipping hamburgers next year.

Good onya lovs.


dguzman said...

Amen to that, especially that last part.

Fran said...

Ah- the myth that taxes kill small business.

You are right, it is insurance.

But you can tell your folks that you can't afford to offer insurance.

You can't tell the gobmint that you can't afford to pay your taxes.

Funny, that.


So therefore, taxes kill small business. It is so "life oriented" and such a "family value."

Dr. Zaius said...

Burgers? Two, with onions, please!

Randal Graves said...

You know what you need to do? Privatize your private sector business.

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