Sunday, December 28, 2008

Less Drugs, More Alcohol

I've been narcotic free for over a week. Which is good because pharmacoepia was getting in the way of wine drinking. Though holiday excess has made me decide that this year I think I will give up alcohol. Unlike last year when I enlisted the entire family in the Buy USA challenge, I think the kids will find it fairly easy to give up alcohol. (Don't kid yourselves, they love them some mouthwash.)

Since it is still 2008 I may wander over to the kitchen and rustle me up a chardonnay.

Hey, the Packers managed to not lose to the Lions. It wasn't such a sure thing throughout. We went over to my aunt's house for her partner's 50th birthday party and watched the game. On the way home we listened to Aaron Rodgers interview on the radio. The guy is a real class act. He said that as a football quarterback there is a lot he can control but that far more happens that is out of his control. You can only trouble yourself with that which you can control, he said. Considering that he spent the pre-season submerged in the Brett Favre unretirement brouha, I think he is an admirable soul.

I wonder how Brett Favre is feeling have lost to Mike Holmgren in Mike's last home game and to Chad Pennington today?

te he.


Anonymous said...

From wine to football? Now I need a drink!

dguzman said...

Oh Jess--but your drunken live-bloggings of Halloween are what I live for!

Hey, the Cowboys lost 44-6 to the fecking Eagles. No more football.

Randal Graves said...

Do you all think Brett Favre will retire, then unretire, then retire?


Jess Wundrun said...

dcup I feel the need to mix it up

dguzman are you a Cowboys fan in Philly territory? Ouch, man. Say, that reminds me -- I like to live blog the SOTU whilst DOMA. Do we get a SOTU in 2009? Probably not. This could work out.

Randal watching Brett Favre do badly is alot like finding out your ex caught a nasty disease from his new wife! Yesterday we were discussing how he could have reaped a gazillion dollars in retired Packersmabilia related activities, but he screwed that pooch!

Dr. Zaius said...

**sigh** we are still months away from women's beach volleyball season...

Big Brother is Watching said...

It sounds, all in all, like you've had a fairly awful year.

I hope 2009 is much better for you. And for the rest of us!