Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Guess that Experience Thingy Wasn't So Important After All.

If elected, do you think they'll make her secret service code name 'Trollop'?

Just wondering.

UPDATE: There is all kinds of wackiness flying around the interwebs about Sarah Palin covering for her daughter and claiming her daughter's out of wedlock child as her own. Particularly weird is that her water broke in Texas and she flew an 11 hour commercial flight home to give birth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I flew to Germany when I was six months pregnant. Trust me, nobody who thinks they may be going in to labor would ever board a flight. First, can you imagine the inconvenience to other passengers? Second, she claims that they knew that the baby had downs' syndrome. She was 44 years old. Everything about that pregnancy screams 'high risk'. Third, when I flew pregnant I was warned to be very careful about sitting for too long. It is possible to develop blood clots that can become fatal.

I think they need to produce some hospital baby pictures. Otherwise it seems to me that yet another 'family values' republican has children who aren't exactly taking the abstinence only education to heart. That is hypocrisy.


Randal Graves said...

Heh heh.

Comrade Kevin said...

I think keeping a Down's Syndrome kid is stupid, rather than inspiring.

Not meaning to sound crass, but that child will never be able to live a normal life. Her child will never get married, start a family, have a career, and will have to be cared for like a child for however long it shall live.

Hardly a productive member of society, is it?

Anonymous said...

Well, a woman's water can break anywhere from a few days to a few minutes before she gives birth. I'd give her a technical pass on this one. But something about this story just doesn't pass the smell test, and what makes it a legitimate public story instead of a private family matter, is that the person involved is a politician whose own party thinks it's ok to push abstinence only education and deny funding for birth control and abortion services in third world countries at the expense of people whose views might differ from their own.

Anonymous said...

Something isn't right about this pregnancy story. I've read an Alaska news story from March 6th that stated that people who worked with Palin were surprised to find out she was 7 mos. pregnant.

How many women do you know who are on their 2nd, 3rd, etc. pregnancy who don't show early?

You're right. This is hypocrisy. This would have also require other people - medical professionals - be involved in the cover up. There are many questions stemming from this possibility.

I suspect her candidacy won't last through September.

Katie Schwartz said...

My girl FranIAm alerted me to this kick ass post, specifically the "Cunts First" image. Too fabulous.

My other girl, Politits just alerted me a bit ago about this very same thing. I suspect she is covering for her daughter. It's gonna come up and out and I can't FUCKIN wait.

On another note... You are entering my cuntest, right? Say "Yes, Katie."

Jess Wundrun said...

Yes Katie

Distributorcap said...

sarah palin will be in the dustbin of history by tuesday

Matty Boy said...

In some ways, for her to go back to work three days after the birth of the child makes more sense now. But being caught in a lie this big is never a good thing.

I think this is why some people swear by the vetting process.

I wanted to check all my blog buddies before I wrote my own post on this.

Dr. Zaius said...

Ha! You made a great graphic!

Suzy said...

Abstinence-only education is stupid and dangerous. Oh yeah, and it doesn't work.