Monday, June 9, 2008

Keep Dr. Dobson OUT of the Hall of Fame

Focus on the Family kindly sent me an e-mail letting me know that Dr. James Dobson is up for a National Radio Hall of Fame award. Would I kindly cast my vote?

Sure enough, and I would like to ask you to kindly do the same. Please pass this along to anyone you know who would also like to cast a vote against Dr. Dobson.

Dr. Dobson's fellow nominees are Bob Costas, Dr. Laura, and Howard Stern.

I briefly considered voting for Howard Stern, since having Stern defeat Dobson seems the most fitting, but I couldn't do it primarily because I despise Howard Stern. These days "misogynist" gets bandied about to the point of losing all meaning. Howard Stern fills up that empty-meaning cup and lets his demeaning drivel overflow.

I voted for Bob Costas. Mostly because he is the only professional the National Radio Hall of Fame put up for nomination this year anyway.

The whole thing seems rather sad. Nonetheless, if there is a God you will help to ensure that Dr. Dobson goes home from the banquet empty-handed and cursing the Lord who hath forsaken him.

Te he.

Here's the link. There's extra bullshitty signing up stuff involved, but remember: it's us against the fundies. You know they'll all be working hard to get him in. They won't let a little registration whoo-ha stop them. Go the extra mile. Tell your friends. Start a campaign. Tell 'em Jess sent you.


FranIAm said...

The only Hall of Fame Dobbs is suitable for is the Asshat Hole of Shame.

At least that is where he would get my vote.

I am in baby. When its me against Dobson - I am so in like a muthafucka.

Damn he makes me angry!

CDP said...

Look at Fran and her bad bad self! I'll vote for Costas, too; he's the only one of the four I can stomach.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Can and will do.

dguzman said...

Done, baby! I'll vote Costas as well. Thanks for the tip!

M.Yu said...

Little Bob Costas has more of a brain than all of them.

Although a tag team wresting match with Dr.Laura/Dobson against Stern/Costas for the honor would be something to see...I mean hear...

I will vote

Distributorcap said...

costas gets my vote
dobson gets shit on a stick....

watch him get in

jess -- how are things in wisconsin? i was thinking about when i saw all the horrible problems from weather in Wisconsin

pissed off patricia said...

Not much to choose from so I shall pick Costas as well.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Costas it is then!

Randal Graves said...

But Bob is short! And he doesn't do the Jesusy thing and beat up disrespectful animals while taking showers with his kids.

Jess Wundrun said...

franiam do they have one of those? I've an ex-husband I'd like to nominate

cdp yes. I wish she'd use the real swears, tho. One must remember my cuss-o-meter and feed it well.

Or fuck off. Ha! I didn't really mean that! It's for the cuss-o-meter! It is!

m.yu I might pay to see that.

dcap things in my area are fine. the house that washed away is about 45 minutes from here in the Wisconsin Dells, which is a huge resort town for people from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. (Mostly Illinois). Having that lake empty is going to be very hard on the region, since they were expecting a banner year because a lot of midwesterners won't go to Disney this year, they'll stay home and go to the Dells.

PoPthank you.

unconconthank you! Bob would make a cute pickled bean wouldn't he?

randal nor has Bob ever been attacked by his mother's sixteen pound girdle!

I have met Mr. Costas. He is a very nice man, but people in the industry note that he is very fond of his looks. One might even say very vain. So, if there is a beauty pageant portion of this contest, we must vote Bob just so that those others, the three most ugly humans on the planet, are defeated.

ed said...


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