Saturday, February 19, 2011

News from the epicenter

Heeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!! I'm right here in Madison where the shit is going down. I wish I could say I was down on the square to join the demonstrations, but I'm not. My heart is with those people all the way.

Quiz: (Scores will be posted later)

Two tea baggers stand on a street corner with "Gummint keep yo hans off ma helthcare" signs and it is a mandate. 100,000 people show up at the state capitol of Wisconsin and it is

a) one of those crazy flash mob things that just went on too long. Like several days too long

b) hippies who thought it was the 60's all over again. Smelly hippies, mosh pits are for kids.

c) anti democratic muslim brotherhood funded egyptian whackery.

d) a schocked populace who bought the crap that republicans and democrats are just the same and who now soundly regret their vote.

e) democrats who warned all you stupid fuckers a long time ago that this is exactly the Milton Freidman-like politics we'd be thrashed with if the republicans who are a godamned ton worse than democrats were elected.

f) d and e above


dguzman said...

I choose F, and welcome the hell back to the bloggyland! We've missed you!

You know, it's getting pretty damned scary how these tea-bags are coming to power and then completely fucking everything up. I was listening to some other idiot freshman senator from wherever at a little tea party social, and he's all, "I just put forth this new bill, and does it deny ALL funding to Planned Parenthood? Yes it does! [cheers from morons in crowd] And does it deny all funding of Obamacare? Yes it does! [more cheers]" etc. Scary shit.

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TheCunningRunt said...

I'll go with d&e, it you're still keeping score.

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